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Join the Reverse Book Club

This is a book club with a difference – you pay the money and someone else gets the books!

You join the Reverse Book Club today with a monthly gift

We send brand new carefully selected books to people who need them most

You share your love of reading and give the life-changing power of books

When you join the Reverse Book Club by setting up a monthly gift, we’ll send brand new carefully selected books to people who need them most every month. Find out more in our video below:

How does it work?

Find answers to some of our most common questions about the Reverse Book Club

How does the Reverse Book Club work?

The Reverse Book Club allows book lovers to support people around the world who don’t have access to books. As it costs around £2 to select, pack and ship each book, a monthly donation of £6 helps send three books every month.

How is my money spent?

Donations from Reverse Book Club members help cover the costs of sourcing, storing, selecting and shipping books to over 25 countries. We have strong relationships with the UK publishing industry, so all of our books are donated free of charge.

What will I receive in return?

You won’t receive any books! But if you opt in to communications from us, you will receive newsletters featuring stories of the people who use the books you help to send. You can tell us how you want to hear from us when you sign up.

What types of books are sent?

We only send brand new, up-to-date, relevant books. Over half are children’s books to help children discover the joy of reading. We also send leisure reading books for all ages, vocational titles, higher education books and medicine and healthcare texts.

Who is going to receive my books?

We send books to libraries in schools, refugee camps, communities, prisons and hospitals in some of the world’s most marginalised and poorest communities, where there are no or very few books. See where we work.

Why don’t you donate books to individuals?

We want as many people as possible to benefit from the books you help to send. A book in a library can be enjoyed by many readers, leaving a lasting impact on the communities we reach.

The difference your support makes

Millions of people live in a world without books. We believe that everyone, no matter their circumstances, should be able to access the books that can change and enrich their lives.

Encourages a lifelong
love of reading

When a child falls in love with reading they are likely to spend a lifetime engrossed in great stories, thriving in education and learning about the world.

Improves education

Books help to shape a future in which talented young learners can become literate, pass exams and achieve educational success.

Supports the most vulnerable

For those living through conflict, sheltering in refugee camps or in isolated communities, books can be a lifeline, offering the chance to escape, learn and develop new skills.

Need help with your donation?

We’d be happy to help you with your gift or discuss any questions you might have.

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