Rageh Omaar presents our BBC Radio 4 Appeal 

Tune in to hear why Rageh Omaar believes in the power of books.

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Rageh knows that books give people power

Hargeisa, the city in Somaliland where Rageh’s family is from, was devastated by war. Today, the people there are rebuilding and at the heart of the city’s recovery is a thriving library. With the support of people like you, we provided 100,000 of the books on its shelves.  

Rageh has seen the library rise from the ashes of war, and he always visits when he returns to Hargeisa. He’s seen how its books ignite ambitions, fire imaginations and enrich learning.

But in his work as a journalist he’s also seen how many people still have no books at all.  

During the appeal, he’ll share his experiences of seeing Hargeisa’s young people using books to build the futures they want, and tell us why he believes that everyone should have the chance to read.  

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The power of books

Books give people power. They transform how people see themselves and the world around them. But millions of people are forced to live without books. We’re here to change that.

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