Send books where they’re needed most

From refugee camps to prison libraries to classrooms where pupils are sharing a single book between up to 10 students, millions of people around the world do not have the books they need to reach their full potential.

It costs just £2 to send a book to a library to serving the people who need books most. For example, your gift could:

  • Put books into the hands of a student like Mphatso who does not currently have books in his classroom through our Inspiring Readers programme
  • Provide books to a refugee camp in Greece, where they will help people continue their educations
  • Send books to medical libraries in Ethiopia, where they will be used to increase the quality of care that patients receive
  • Ensure the books we send reach isolated rural communities, where they will help inspiring local leaders like Julius help his community cope with climate change

These are just a few of the ways that the books we send are changing lives.With your support, we can ensure that many more people have the books they need to enrich, improve and change their lives.