Every £2 you raise will send a book and could even change a life

Around the world, millions of people live in a world without books. Poverty means that they cannot buy books for their homes, schools often have only a few tattered textbooks, libraries are stocked with a few out of date books and bookshops are almost unheard-of. Without books, children struggle to succeed in school, adults cannot develop new skills or keep existing skills-up-to date and everyone is denied the simple pleasure of reading.

Young learners in Kakuma Refugee Camp
Young learners in Kakuma Refugee Camp. With your support, we can send books to their classroom

At Book Aid International, our vision is a world where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to books that will enrich, improve and change their lives. Every year, we send around one million brand new, carefully selected books donated by the publishing industry to thousands of libraries, schools, hospitals, prisons and refugee camps in 20 countries.

Last year, those books were available to an estimated 32 million people, many of whom face huge challenges as they seek to read and learn in refugee camps, slum communities, schools which lack even the most basic resources and conflict affected communities in places like Somalia, South Sudan and Iraq.

Together, we can reach out to the places where people need books most. Find out more about our work

How to fundraise in your shop

It costs just £2 to send another book, so there really is no fundraising activity too small! There are a few ideas below, but if you’d like to discuss another idea please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Sell our National Book Token

Thanks to National Book Tokens, your customers can give the gift of reading twice over! Look out for the specially designed gift card and 1% of all value added will be donated to Book Aid International to help us send more books to libraries in Africa and beyond. Find out more or order your cards.

National Book Token

Collect change at the till

We would be happy to provide collection tins for your shop. If you trade mainly with electronic payments, why not consider asking customers to round up their payment and donate the difference? Change adds up amazingly quickly!

Make us your event partner

If you already run a programme of events, why not consider making us your charity partner by donating a percentage of your profits? We will help you promote any events which benefit us on social media and on our website, and for larger events we can even provide a speaker.

If you have a thriving children’s department, we offer a range of children’s activities which can be used to both raise funds and children’s awareness of what life is like for other children around the world. Our Fundraising Pack was developed for schools, but many of its activities would work perfectly in a book shop!

Hold a booky bake sale

Nothing goes better with books than cake. Why not hold a bake sale and encourage your customers to linger with something sweet to eat while browsing?

Hold a literary quiz

We all like a bit of competition from time to time and quiz nights are a fantastic way of raising money for Book Aid International while having some fun. So round up your favourite customers, friends and family for an evening of quizzical banter! Find out more (including a list of questions and answers!)

Stock our Christmas cards

Each year we sell a range of beautiful Christmas cards and every card sold allows us to send another book. You would be welcome to sell our cards during the festive season – there are a range of designs to choose from!

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