Trusts and foundations

Our work is generously supported by excellent partnerships with trusts and foundations who share our belief that books really can change lives.

As a result of the support we receive from a wide range of trusts and foundations we are able to make longer-term interventions in libraries, monitor and review our progress and impact, and build local capacity in the countries where we work.

The trusts and foundations that support us prioritise education, literacy, innovation and the value of reading to bring economic and social development to some of the world’s poorest areas. It is this shared vision that makes our partnerships successful.

Our income from trusts and foundations

In 2020, £735,184 of our income was from trusts and foundations. The wide range of programmes we run simply wouldn’t be possible without their support.

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If you represent a trust or foundation

If you represent a trust or foundation and would like to consider making Book Aid International a beneficiary of a one-off grant or multi-year support, we can provide detailed proposals describing a project’s aims, objectives and expected outcomes, how these align with your charitable objectives and budgets that itemise all project costs.

We also provide detailed progress reports, budget reports and photographs so you can see exactly how your donation is being used and the impact on the children and adults who benefit from your support.

We are currently fundraising for a number of projects due to start in 2021 including:

  • Inspiring Readers – our award-winning project to get more books into under-resourced primary schools
  • Solar Libraries – combining access to solar lamps and books to help children to study, complete homework and read for pleasure at home during the evening
  • Explorer Libraries – creating school libraries in under-resourced schools

For more information please contact our trust fundraising team on 020 7733 3577 or email

Some of our current supporting trusts and foundations

Beatrice Laing Trust
CB & HH Taylor 1984 Trust
Chalk Cliff Trust
Corton Hill Trust
Eva Reckitt Trust Fund
Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation
GMC Trust
Kilpatrick Fraser Charitable Trust
Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust
Intouch Global Foundation
Merriman Charitable Trust
Montier Charitable Trust
Network For Social Change
Peacock Charitable Trust
Schroder Charity Trust
The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
The Beit Trust
The Bernard Sunley Charitable Trust
The Hodge Foundation
The Law Society Charity
The Michael and Anna Wix Charitable Trust
The People’s Postcode Lottery
The Rhododendron Trust
The Tony and Audrey Watson Charitable Trust
Unwin Charitable Trust