People’s Postcode Lottery

Players of People's Postcode Lottery have provided £1,850,000 to help us send books readers around the world.

In November of 2014, players of People’s Postcode Lottery began supporting us with an initial award of £175,000 and they have been supporting our work ever since. To date players have provided funding of £1,850,000 to Book Aid International. They have become one of our most significant funders and have allowed us to expand our projects and our core book provision programme as well our geographical area of focus.

What does People’s Postcode Lottery do?

People’s Postcode Lottery manages society lotteries on behalf of a range of charitable bodies. These lotteries support charities and good causes like ours. Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised more than £361 million for charity to date and along with sister lotteries in the Netherlands and Sweden, the lottery group is the world’s third largest private charitable donor.

What Book Aid International projects do players of People’s Postcode Lottery support?

Inspiring Readers in three countries

Inspiring Readers aims to bring books in the classrooms of 250,000 African primary school children by 2020 and dramatically increase the support available to young readers by training teachers and linking schools with local Children’s Corners.

Players provided the funds needed to pilot Inspiring Readers in Kenya and have since provided the funds to expand the programme to Malawi and Sierra Leone. In total, over 86,000 pupils have books in their classrooms, 225 teachers have been trained and over 110,000 books provided  thanks to players’ generosity.

We have also published our first evaluation of project’s Kenya pilot, which found that Inspiring Readers is indeed helping children do better in school. This report confirms that players’ support is having a real long-term impact. Read the report 

Digital Futures: Uganda

Book Aid International is using funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery to run new projects that bring together the written word in both printed and digital form. Our Digital Futures project has brought pre-loaded e-readers into established Children’s Corners in Uganda, allowing children to explore a world of reading through different means. We have also now published an evaluation report on the programme. Read the full report

Expanding our book provision programme

Funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery has also enabled us to expand our book provision programme to Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Liberia.

In Rwanda, books are helping the country’s network of community libraries build a prosperous future while in both Liberia and Sierra Leone players’ support is helping the countries rebuild following the Ebola epidemic’s devastating impact on schools.

Find out more

Tickets for People’s Postcode Lottery cost £10 for 10 draws paid monthly in advance and a minimum of 32% from every ticket goes to support good causes like ours. You can find out more or sign up to play here.

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