When I Grow Up…

Today, will you share the power of books and help create a world where children can not only dream of a brighter future, but achieve it? 

A brighter future is not just a dream.

Each week, Thandizolanga walks hours to get to school so she can learn with the help of books sent by people like you, through Book Aid International.

Books help me to focus on what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a doctor because I want to help fight diseases. I also want to help elderly people like my grandmother who has been sick for a while now.

From picture books for young readers, to books for pupils preparing for exams, these books can change lives. But without books, children’s dreams suffer.

Today your gift could help children dream and achieve.

With your help, we can provide teachers with the books that pupils like Thandizolanga need to achieve their dreams.

Phillimon is a teacher at a rural community primary school in southern Malawi. He knows that books help children dream of a brighter future – they helped him achieve his dream of becoming a teacher. But many of his pupils come from families who can’t afford books.  Buying food and other essentials has to be their priority – and even so, many of the children come to school with empty stomachs. A book would be an impossible luxury.  

This is why the libraries in schools like his are so important. It costs £2 to send one book but that book in a school library will be enjoyed by many times that number of children.

The books in the school library feed imaginations and ideas, child after child after child. And I’ve seen how excited children are when the books arrive. They’re so happy and keen to explore all the new stories, topics and words! 

Phillimon, teacher, southern Malawi

Give teachers like Phillimon the books they need

Every donation enables us to send more brand-new books.

Will you help nourish children’s dreams and support their learning, by sending books? 

Your gift could help send brand-new books to many schools like Phillimon’s, helping to support children’s dreams – and the future dreams they’re able to realise. Your kindness could help children dream of a brighter future.   

Send books that could inspire children and support their learning.

Books expose children to new ideas and possibilities. When a child opens up a book, they open up their horizons. My hope is, with your help, libraries in schools like ours will grow and have enough books to feed all our children’s dreams. 

Phillimon, teacher, southern Malawi

Send the next book

Every £2 you give sends a brand-new book.

With thanks to Malawi National Library Service