Fundraise in your school

Want to hold your very own World Book Day fundraiser in your school? We’ve come up with 20 fab fundraising ideas.

Your School’s Got Talent – Host a talent show to discover who has the best voice and dance routines at your school – could it be you?

Host a Silly Sports Day – From a tug-of-war in wellies to the egg ‘n’ spoon in blindfolds, get sporty and get silly

DJ in the dark – Turn off the lights and set up the decks – can you guess who is DJ-ing from the set they’re spinning?

Get sponsored – Sign yourself up for a Colour Run, readathon, silence, cycle, Fancy Dress Fun Run (which favourite book character will you dress up as?)

Digital Detox – Surgically attached to your phone or tablet? See how long you can look up, not down for and get sponsored at the same time.

Food Detox – Give up your favourite snack or drink for a day, a week or a month – can you quit cake or lay off the crisps?

D.E.A.R. – Drop Everything and Read for a whole day

On your marks, get set, Bake! – Bake and sell some delicious treats – or go BIG and organise a Bake Off for your whole school

Be inspired by Alice in Wonderland – Throw a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for your class

Bring Your favourite book character to life – Who will you dress up as? (£1* a go!)

Dress down – go casual for the day (£1* a go!)

Invent your own fun online challenge and share it socially – What will you ask your friends and family to do?

Host a quiz – About books, music or general knowledge – pit your wits against your classmates

Get crafty – If you love to stitch or sew or crochet, organise a crafting event with friends and family to swap fabrics, ideas and inspiration for your next crafty project

Sell or swap books – Hold a book sale of the books you’ve already loved

Challenge your teachers or librarian to take part – Imagine seeing your headmistress dressed as Miss Trunchbull or your librarian as Dumbledore! Ask them to dress as their favourite book characters – but you have to sponsor THEM!

Want to dance? – Step up for a dancefloor challenge and show off your best moves, from ballet to ballroom to breakdance

Run your own themed Reading Café for the day (and donate the proceeds!)

Auction your Art! – Set up a gallery for all the talented artists and illustrators in your school – with the chance to bid for the piece you want to see hanging on your bedroom wall

Rap or rhyme battle – Write and perform your own rap or poem inspired by a character or scene from your favourite book and challenge your classmates

Have a better idea? Brilliant – go for it!

We would also love to support your work. If we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.