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April Book of the Month

Our Book of the Month for April is:

Azzi In Between
Azzi In Between by Sarah Garland


Narrated as an adventure in a graphic novel format, this moving story follows Azzi, a young girl, and her family as they are forced to flee war and settle in another country.


Azzi In Between insides


Told from Azzi’s perspective, it sensitively and humourously brings to life her experience as she and her family assimilate into life in a new country while dealing with all they have been through.

The story addresses issues such as separation and fear but it is ultimately a story of hope as we witness Azzi and her family beginning to adapt to their new lives.


Azzi In Between insides


The detailed illustrations perfectly accompany the action of the story. Azzi’s home is depicted in bright, bold colours which are in sharp contrast to the dark, shadowy illustrations of the family’s flight.

Neither the country Azzi comes from nor the one she and her family end up in are named, which will enable readers who have experienced displacement themselves to easily identify with Azzi’s experience.


Azzi In Between insides


Copies of this book will be sent to our partners working in refugee camps in Greece and the Middle East where it will not only provide a useful springboard for readers to share their own stories but also give them hope for the future.