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Children's Corner a MYSA Library

January Book of the Month

The very first Book of the Month of 2019 is:


We all want on safari
We All Went on Safari: A Counting Journey Through Tanzania donated by Baker Books

In this bright, beautifully illustrated picture book, the reader joins a group of children on a journey through the grasslands of Tanzania. Along the way, they encounter a variety of African animals, counting them in Swahili as they go.


Inside spread 1


The book includes a map of Tanzania and facts about the country, the Maasai people and each of the different animals discovered in the story. There’s even an illustrated guide to counting in Swahili.




Children’s books set in specific countries in Africa are especially treasured and can be hard to come by. This beautiful book will be loved by children in Tanzania as they see their home brought to life on the page.



Copies of this book are now on their way to our partners including the Tanzania Library Services Board where the familiar landscapes and animals will resonate with the children and aid learning and engagement with reading. It will also be enjoyed by children living in rural communities elsewhere in Africa.