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Children's Corner a MYSA Library

June Book of the Month

Our latest Book of the Month is the World Psychiatric Association’s Depression and Diabetes:

Depression and DiabetesIn the medical world there is a growing awareness of the interrelationship between depression and numerous physical diseases. Depression and Diabetes is the first in a three-part series which provides an update on current evidence of these interrelationships.

It brings together current evidence, including previously unpublished data, in a concise, easy to read format. It addresses how these co-existing conditions can develop, their impact on quality of life, effective treatments and how the negative consequences of depression in diabetes could be avoided.

The book’s practical approach means it will be useful for all practitioners involved in treating these patients from diabetes specialists to general practitioners and mental health nurses.

Depression and Diabetes will soon be on its way to Zimbabwe along with over 2,000 other brand new medical books.

These books will be going to a wide range of hospitals, training colleges and universities in Zimbabwe and they will provide practitioners and students with up-to-date medical research and evidence to support high quality training and healthcare.

Children's Corner a MYSA Library

May Book of the Month

Our Book of the Month for May is:

DK Findout! Earth


Part of DK’s brilliant Findout! series for inquisitive young minds, Earth is packed with fascinating geography facts and presents them in a fun and accessible way to help young learners discover the wonders of the planet they live on.

Photographs and illustrations bring to life topics from volcanos, earthquakes and ecosystems to why we have seasons, how the water cycle works and other core STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) topics.

This engaging book would inspire any young geographer and it is appealing books like this that will be especially important in helping children get back to learning when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and schools and libraries reopen.

Many children in the communities our partners work in are unable to continue their education while in lockdown. Unreliable electricity, no internet connection or access to smart phones and other devices means that they cannot take part in online learning. In addition, many do not have books at home.



Teachers predict that their pupils will have a lot of catching up to do when schools reopen. They also worry that pupils will have lost their love for learning and their literacy skills will have diminished.

We are currently working with our partners to prepare for when schools and libraries reopen. Following recent changes to government guidelines, our warehouse reopened on Tuesday 26th May and our Operations team are now planning shipments filled with books to help children get back to learning.

First up is a shipment to Ghana and it will include copies of Earth. This and many other children’s books will added to the shelves of the Children’s Corners – child-friendly spaces in public libraries – which we have created in partnership with the Ghana Library Authority. We hope these books will help young learners to rediscover the joy of reading, reignite their passion for learning and help them make up for lost time.

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April Book of the Month

Our Book of the Month for April is:

April Book of the Month
The Health Choices Book created by the Informed Health Choices network

The Health Choices Book has been created by a network of multi-disciplinary health professionals across the world for use by primary school pupils to support their learning about health, wellbeing and how to make well-informed choices.

The book is packed with a variety of resources for teachers to use. It’s split into sections focussing on key concepts (including what health is, what a treatment is and how to decide if a treatment is good or not) and each section provides several ways for children engage with a topic.




Simple language and bright illustrations introduce a concept, followed by some discussion questions, class activities and short written exercises which teachers can use to deepen pupils’ understanding. Each section also includes a cartoon story following siblings John and Julie as they encounter health-related scenarios, bringing to life each key concept using experiences and settings which a young reader will be familiar.

This book will be incredibly useful for all our partners working with children and in schools, especially those working in rural communities where misinformation about health and medicine can be common.

Although schools and libraries are currently closed in many of the countries our partners work in, it is titles like The Health Choices Book that you help to send which mean that teachers and librarians have already been able to introduce many children and young people to information about health and wellbeing.

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March Book of the Month

Our March Book of the Month is:

The Herd Boy
The Herd Boy by Niki Daly

This picture book follows a day in the life of Malusi, a young boy who lives in rural South Africa. He spends his days tending his grandfather’s flock; leading them out to find pasture, protecting them from danger and caring for the sick and injured.

It’s a big job for a small boy but Malusi is brave and he dreams of one day becoming the President.

While carrying an injured lamb home along the roadside, he meets an elderly man in a big car who tells him that someone who takes care of his herd would make a good leader. The man that Malusi meets is Nelson Mandela.


Meeting Nelson Mandela


Beautifully brought to life with evocative illustrations, this book will be relatable for many young readers living in rural parts of sub-Saharan Africa where children often spend their spare time helping their parents to care for their livestock. The story is told in simple prose with an underlying message that many great people have started from humble beginnings.

This book is perfect for our partners working with schools and libraries in rural communities such as Eduspots in Ghana, Educaid in Sierra Leone and RLRDP in Zimbabwe. We hope that this book will encourage the children who read it to dream big!


Children's Corner a MYSA Library

February Book of the Month

Our February Book of the Month is:

Conservation Biology
The Essentials of Conservation Biology by Richard B. Primack

Conservation Biology focuses on the management of the natural world and biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats and ecosystems.

Conservation is becoming an increasingly important field of study for young Africans as climate change, population growth and poaching impact the continent’s biological diversity. There are an increasing number of local organisations working to protect the environment and wildlife.

Conservation Biology insides

The Essentials of Conservation Biology, aimed at undergraduates, combines theory and research to look at key topics such as the effects of climate change, the protection of endangered species and sustainable development from the perspective of biology.

The textbook includes a section on practical applications of theory such as creating protected areas, establishing new populations of species and restoration ecology.

Conservation Biology insides

Copies of this book will be going to our partner the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya which works as a model and a catalyst for the conservation of wildlife and their habitat. Lewa is based in the foothills of Mount Kenya where they protect and manage species and initiate and support community conservation and development programmes.

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January Book of the Month

Our first Book of the Month for 2020 is . . .

The Voyage
The Voyage by Robert Vescio and Andrea Edmonds

This picture book brings to life a family’s experience as they flee conflict and set out on a journey to find safety.


Told using just one word per spread, from ‘chaos’ and ‘escape’ to ‘safe’ and ‘new’ the beautiful illustrations allow the reader to create their own background story and bring to life what the characters are thinking, feeling and saying.


This book, along with many other titles, will soon be on its way to our partner Merimna in Greece which is expanding its work to establish two libraries, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki, to support refugee camps in the two cities.

Teams from Merimna will also take books into the camps and use them in activities for parents and children focussing on education, psychosocial support and improving cognitive behaviour.


Books like The Voyage will be particularly useful for activities like this. The sparse text and evocative illustrations provide space and inspiration for discussions which can help children and families better process the difficult journeys they have experienced.


Children's Corner a MYSA Library

December Book of the Month

Our December Book of the Month – and last of 2019 – is . . .

African Animals ABC
African Animals ABC donated by Letterbox Library


This beautiful board book, perfect for little hands, takes the reader on an alphabetical journey to meet 26 African animals from Antbear to Zebra.

Brought to life with bright, bold illustrations of each animal and decorated with African patterns, this is a book that young readers will love to pore over.

Additionally, the rhyming text will make it a popular and engaging choice for reading aloud:

Antbear naps,
Bushbaby blinks,
Crocodile snaps,
Dassie drinks.

This captivating introduction to the alphabet and African animals will be hugely popular with all children but it will be especially loved by those in African countries to whom many of these animals will be familiar.

Copies will soon be on their way to Sierra Leone where they’ll be used by one of our partners to introduce young street children to the joy of reading.

Children's Corner a MYSA Library

November Book of the Month

Our November Book of the Month is:

Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students
Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students by Gail Horowitz

Knowing how to study at higher education level doesn’t come naturally – it’s something you have to learn. But those who have been poorly prepared in high school or who are the first in their families to attend education beyond secondary school, can lack these important skills.

Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students is therefore written to help people working in higher education induct these students into their new learning environment, especially into science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects – enabling them to not just get by but excel.

Looking at topics such as study skills training, self-regulated learning and mentoring students, this guide is packed with quick and easy steps which STEM faculty staff can take to support students.

In addition, the book offers helpful insights into the challenges that students may face, giving staff greater understanding so they can better encourage and support their students.

This book will be invaluable for many further and higher education teachers across Africa. STEM is growing in popularity throughout the continent but many students will be the first in their family (or village) to attend university. This handbook will therefore be a welcome tool to help faculty staff not only make STEM subjects more accessible but enable their students to take charge of their learning with improved study skills.

Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students will be a particularly useful resource for universities in countries where schools are rapidly being built, more children are completing secondary education and higher education is reaching new communities such as Zanzibar, the Malawi and Rwanda. Copies will soon be on their way.

Children's Corner a MYSA Library

October Book of the Month

Our Book of the Month for October is:

A Woman of Firsts
A Woman of Firsts by Edna Adan Ismail

This is an unputdownable memoir by a truly inspiring woman, Edna Adan Ismail.

As the title suggests, Edna really is a woman of firsts. She was Somaliland’s first midwife and later went on to become the country’s First Lady and the first female cabinet minister.

From the blurb:

The daughter of Somaliland’s best-loved doctor, Edna saw first-hand how poor healthcare, lack of education and ancient superstitions had a devastating effects on Somaliland’s people, especially its women.

After experiencing the horrors of FGM as a child and seeing the dangers of childbirth at her father’s hospital Edna’s main focus throughout her life has been to campaign for better women’s healthcare.


A Woman of Firsts insides


But it has been far from easy. When growing up, it wasn’t traditional for girls to receive an education. And when she started work as a hospital midwife, she was met with hostility, given no salary and even had to fight to be allowed to drive. The hospital had not encountered a trained female nurse before.

Today Edna is the director of the maternity and teaching hospital that she built and founded in Hargeisa, Somaliand’s capital, the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital. It is described as one of the Horn of Africa’s finest university hospitals.

In spite of holding governmental positions, Edna believes this hospital is her greatest achievement. Her aim is to see as many women trained in midwifery as possible in order to improve healthcare for women in Somaliland and beyond,  preventing much suffering families and ultimately saving lives.

This moving and true story of a remarkable woman who overcame many obstacles to make a difference in Somaliland and the wider African continent will be an inspiration to women and girls across the world. It will be particularly poignant for women in Africa who will relate to many of the challenges Edna has faced.

Copies of this book will be going to the Somaliland National Library in Hargeisa where we hope it will inspire the next generation of women determined to bring about change for the good of other women and the wider community.

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September Book of the Month

Our latest Book of the Month is:

How to Think Like a Coder
How to Think Like a Coder by Jim Christian

An understanding of coding is fast becoming an essential skill for the world of work and is increasingly included on school curriculums. How to think like a coder is the perfect introduction.

This book is written for the absolute coding beginner, whether a child or an adult. What makes it particularly accessible is that you don’t even need to use a computer to use this guide.

How to Think Like a Coder insides

The book goes right back to coding basics, teaching key concepts such as loops, data types, pseudocode and calculations.

It purposefully focuses on the foundations of coding in order to equip the reader with a tool kit of coding knowledge which they will be able to apply to whatever technology or advancement they find themselves working on in the future.

Simple language, colourful illustrations and examples from everyday life make this book incredibly accessible and will be useful for children and teachers alike. It also demystifies coding by demonstrating how it can be applied to normal life.

How to Think Like a Coder insides

The fun exercises it includes can easily be done at home, in the library or the classroom without the need for a computer. As a result this book will be an invaluable resource for community libraries and schools that do not have ICT facilities (or even electricity) but which want to give young readers and learners the opportunity to keep up with their counterparts across the world.

Copies of this book will be distributed to many of our partners with community library networks including the Uganda Community Library Association’s libraries.