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Shelves of books

Taking on a challenge to share the joy of reading

In the run up to World Book Day, Girl Guides and Brownies in Bethnal Green are taking on a reading challenge to help us send more books to schools and libraries where books are scarce.

Book Aid International Community Ambassador Emily has arranged the home grown reading challenge for the Guide and Brownie units in her local area. We caught up with Emily to find out more:


Emily Reddon


As a Brownie and Guide leader, I get to volunteer each week with the Bethnal Green Brownies and spend time with some amazing girls who are clever, passionate, curious and always entertaining.

Our Brownies (aged 7-10) know what they like and one thing they love is reading. The girls will often bring in stories or poems they’ve written and ask to read them aloud to the others. When you put pen and paper in front of them, nine times out of ten you’ll get a story. And the Guides (aged 10 – 14) are interested in issues that affect our society and other young people, so they were keen to learn more about literacy and raise money for Book Aid International.

Reading books is a big part of our Brownies’ and Guides’ lives, as it is for so many children and adults. To encourage them to read for fun, but also to understand the impact books can have on people’s lives, we are raising money for Book Aid International and Book Trust by running the first ever Bethnal Green Brownies & Guides Reading Challenge!




Between now and World Book Day, we will be dedicating the first five minutes of every meeting to updating our list of books that the Brownies and Guides have read.  Our ‘Read-o-Meter’ is decorated with drawings of the girls’ favourite book characters and is slowly working its way up to our collective target of 100 books. With 20 young people taking part, I have a feeling we’ll smash it! It’s a cooperative challenge, with no winners and losers, where it doesn’t matter what you’re reading, it just matters that you are! So far, Dork Diaries, Jacqueline Wilson, David Walliams and Roald Dahl are big favourites on the board.

We all agree that books are a big and important part of all of our lives, so the young people were excited about the idea of their own reading supporting charities they can get behind. We have pledged as a unit to make a donation for each book they read and the girls who feel particularly passionately are also collecting pledges from others. The girls have raised £10 in the first week, but with a month to go and the excitement for World Book Day ramping up, we’re looking forward to seeing that go up and up!


Huge thanks to Emily and the Guides and Brownies of Bethnal Green for their World Book Day fundraising efforts! It costs just £2 to send a book so every pound raised really will make a difference. We wish them the best of luck with reaching their target and hope they discover some fantastic new authors and books in the process.

To find out more about our Community Ambassador scheme or ways you can support us on World Book Day, take a look at the links below.