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November Book of the Month

November’s Book of the Month is:


Yeni and the Children for Peace book
Yeny and the Children for Peace by Michelle Mulder


‘What weapon can children use to fight violence? A vote for peace!’


Yeny and the Children for Peace by Michelle Mulder is an uplifting, inspirational story based on real events in Colombia in the 1990s. Young Yeny and her family have fled the violence in their mountain village to a new life of relative safety in the city. But the threat of violence remains as armed gangs patrol the streets and members of her family are kidnapped. Yeny and her friends feel afraid and powerless until they decide to do something about their situation. They organise a peace carnival, with a march and banners and workshops for peace. As the news of the carnival spreads, children from all over the country start to get organised and hold a national vote for children’s rights in their conflict-riven country. 2.7 million children (90% of the country’s youth) turn out to vote overwhelmingly for peace, citing their right to survive as paramount and the government is forced to listen.

Mulder’s fictionalised version of the real-life Columbian Children’s Peace Movement is written in a way that will inspire children everywhere to believe their actions really can make a difference. This copy is being sent to our partner the Tamer Institute for Community Education in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, where its message of empowerment will encourage children there like Dalia and Yosef that they too can make a positive difference.