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One month to World Book Day!

World Book Day supported charity Book Aid International is urging schools and families to make readers around the world part of their World Book Day celebrations by dressing up to change lives, holding a fundraising event or using its activity pack.

World Book Day 2018 takes place in one month exactly on Thursday 1 March. Every year, thousands of schools and families make fundraising for Book Aid International part of their celebrations. Last year, these fundraising efforts raised a total of £140,000 – enough to send 70,000 books to people around the world who would otherwise have few books, or even no books at all.

This year, the charity is offering a range of new costume guides, activities and videos which it hopes will encourage more schools and families to include Book Aid International in their celebrations. Resources on offer include:

  • 43 free, DIY dress-up guides with characters for children of all ages. 16 of these come with how-to videos and 18 are quick to make, perfect for busy parents. Thousands of children donate £1 and dress up as their favourite book character on World Book Day, and many use the charity’s dress-up guides to make personalised costumes
  • A new activity pack for schools including 13 fun new activities to help schools bring the world into the classroom on World Book Day. Activities on offer include making a crazy class short-story or creating magic potions to cast a class spell after reading a favourite book. Five of these activities also offer an enriching way to raise funds
  • New videos to show pupils what life is like for people overseas who have only a few books.
  • Fundraising ideas to use in school, at home or in the office

Bay House School is one of over 1,000 schools which currently fundraises for Book Aid International on World Book Day. The school’s learning resource assistant, Karen, spoke about what including Book Aid International in their celebrations means to them:

“We fundraise for Book Aid International as part of our World Book Day celebrations because we believe every person should have access to books. Whether it’s for enjoyment, for improving literacy, or for learning brand new skills, books have the power to change lives. In the run-up to World Book Day we show our pupils Book Aid International videos to highlight the disparity between our library and other libraries around the world, and every year pupils are stunned at how lucky they are. This then spurs them on to help make sure every person is as lucky as them!”

The charity’s Chief Executive, Alison Tweed explained the impact that schools which fundraise on World Book Day have: “No parent should have to send their children to school knowing that they will have only an old, tattered textbook and no reading books at all – but that is the reality for millions of parents around the world. At Book Aid International, we work to give as many children as possible access to beautiful, brand new books that will help them succeed in education and open new doors. This World Book Day we very much hope you will help to send more books to people around the world who need them by fundraising for our charity.”

To find costumes, activities, videos and more, visit www.bookaid.org/world-book-day/ or contact the charity directly: email Worldbookday@bookaid.org or call (0)20 77 33 3577.

Book Aid International would like to thank Pearson and Project Literacy for funding the creation of its school’s pack and supporting its World Book Day fundraising activities.



For further information and comment please contact Emma Taylor, Head of Communications at Book Aid International.

e: emma.taylor@bookaid.org

t: 020 7326 5800

About Book Aid International

Book Aid International is the UK’s leading international book donation and library development charity. Every year, the charity aims to ship around one million brand new books to thousands of communities around the world where people have very few opportunities to access books and read.

Book Aid International works with an extensive network of libraries, schools, hospitals, NGOs and other partners to ensure that the books it sends reach as many people as possible. The charity estimates that the books it provides reach 24 million people every year.

In addition, Book Aid International runs projects which build the capacity of librarians and teachers to support people and communities.

In 2017 the charity sent over 930,000 books to 20 countries. All of the books the charity sends are brand new and donated by the publishing industry.

Visit www.bookaid.org for more information or join the conversation on twitter: @book_aid.

Book Aid International is an official World Book Day supported charity.

About World Book Day

World Book Day was designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and is marked in over 100 countries around the globe.

World Book Day is a partnership of publishers, booksellers and interested parties who work together to promote books and reading for the personal enrichment and enjoyment of all.  A main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own.

To mark the day, school children are entitled to receive a World Book Day £1 book token (or equivalent €1.50 in Ireland) supplied by National Book Tokens Ltd. The £1 book token can be exchanged for one of ten (eleven in Ireland) specially published £1 World Book Day books for free, or five special edition YA titles at £2.50 can be purchased for £1.50 with the token. The token is also redeemable against any book or audiobook of their choice costing £2.99 or more, at a participating bookshop or book club.