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20 reasons to celebrate children's books

Walking around in someone else’s shoes

On Thursday 2nd March, World Book Day turns 20! That’s 20 years of celebrating children’s books and the joy that reading can bring.

To mark this special anniversary, we’ve teamed up with 20 top children’s authors, illustrators, publishers and journalists to bring you 20 reasons to celebrate children’s books.

Today we are delighted to welcome award-winning children’s author Elizabeth Laird who’s here to share why, for her, children’s books are so special:


Elizabeth Laird


When a child reads a novel, she (or he) gets the chance to put on the shoes of the main character in the book and walk around in them for a while. She learns to understand someone else’s feelings and their point of view. This creates empathy, which makes a huge difference in furthering a child’s emotional development. If every child grew up with more understanding of other people, think how much less fear and violence there would be in the world.

Elizabeth Laird is the multi-award-winning author of several much-loved children’s books, including The Garbage King, The Prince Who Walked with Lions and The Fastest Boy in the World. She has been shortlisted for the prestigious CILIP Carnegie Medal six times. She lives in Britain now, but still likes to travel as much as she can. Her latest book Welcome to Nowhere is published by Macmillan Children’s Books. Find out more about Elizabeth here.


World Book Day is an annual celebration of authors. illustrators, books and reading. Every year on World Book Day, thousands of school children dress up as their favourite children’s book characters to raise money for Book Aid International, so we can send more brand new books to libraries and schools in Africa. Last year they raised over £120,000 – enough to send 60,000 books to communities where children would otherwise have extremely limited opportunities to read! Learn more about World Book Day here.

Visit our World Book Day resources page for fundraising ideas, classroom resources and costume guides. Fundraise for Book Aid International this World Book Day and share the joy of reading with children in communities where books are scarce.