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August Book of the Month

Our newest Book of the Month is:


Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit Bunny Burglar
Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar by Emily MacKenzie and donated by BookTrust


Ralfy is a very unusual rabbit who . . .

. . . loved to learn new words. He loved the smell of books and the sound of pages flicking. He loved getting lost in stories, pretending he was the captain of a pirate ship or an intrepid jungle explorer!

In fact, he loves books so much that he sneaks into bookworm Arthur’s bedroom at night and steals his books.


Ralfy Rabbit inside illustration


Arthur is distraught at the loss of his favourite book but no-one will believe his story about a bunny burglar, not even PC Puddle at the local police station . . . Until Ralfy makes a BIG mistake – and burrows into PC Puddle’s personal library, where he is caught ‘read-handed’.

Luckily for Ralfy, Arthur takes pity on him and introduces him to his local library, so that he never needs to steal another book again and the two become best book buddies.


Ralfy Rabbit inside illustration


Children will love this fun and funny picture book brought to life by MacKenzie’s colourful illustrations. Ralfy and Arthur’s love for books is infectious and we hope that it will encourage children to become voracious readers if they are not already.

Thanks to BookTrust, we have over 100 copies of this delightful book to send to our partners and copies are now on their way special projects such as our Children’s Corners in Cameroon. The book’s message about the wonder of libraries as a place where anyone can access books will resonate with young readers using Children’s Corners in their local libraries. We hope many children will love their libraries all the more after reading this book.