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Our ‘bold and beautiful’ film wins gold!

We are delighted to announce that our new film, Reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in The Great Rift Valley has been awarded the EVCOM Clarion Gold Award for Brand Communication.

Pascalia choosing a book to read.

Winners were announced on 5th September 2019 at London’s Design Museum. Described by the judges as a “bold, beautiful and ambitious idea”, the film conveys the power of books to create imaginative worlds and transform realities.

The EVCOM Clarion Awards focus on the importance of CSR across both the agency and client landscape. They seek out innovation in film in the support of game-changing CSR and educational initiatives – this year, with an emphasis on far-reaching and specifically global impact.

Pascalia finding a spot to read.

The judging panel commented that Reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ was “beautifully shot and composed – with wonderful vocal work…artistically, it played on the contrast between the familiar text and the unfamiliar setting and this proved a dramatically rich and impactful storytelling device.”

Raw London, the creative agency responsible for the production of the film said: “It was born out of a mutual ambition, client and agency together, to truly bring to life the magic of reading. We wanted to create something that would stay with audiences long after they’ve viewed it, so we went for a cinematic style of direction and dramatic storytelling.”

Reading in the library.

The film follows Pascalia, as she discovers and narrates Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. Pascalia is one of the estimated 24 million people around the world who has beautiful, brand new books to read because of our work. Through breath-taking cinematography, the film captures how books enrich children’s lives – helping them discover stories which stay with them throughout their lives.

On the production of the film, Raw London explained that “featuring a real child – and not an actor – was a creative and practical risk, but she (Pascalia) reminds us that the stories we discover as children never really leave us. She answers the key question that is often asked of Book Aid International about why children need literature – because while we cannot point to one particular thing it changes, stories nevertheless form a significant part of who we become.

Pasclia reads overlooking the Great Rift Valley.

We would like to thank the panel and particularly players of People’s Postcode Lottery for supporting both the making of the film and much of our work supporting readers in Kenya.

Book Aid International has received £1,850,000 to date thanks to its partnership with players of People’s Postcode Lottery and Postcode African Trust.

Running home to read.

Reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in The Great Rift Valley has also been shortlisted for the EVCOM Industry Awards which recognises excellence in both craft and communications across the live, screen and digital communities. Winners will be announced on 21st November 2019 during the London Live Awards at BFI Southbank.

Watch our award-winning film here:

All the above photos are HD stills from Reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in the Great Rift Valley, courtesy of Raw London and Book Aid International.