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March Book of the Month

Our March Book of the Month is:

Ready RN
Ready RN: Handbook for Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness published and donated by Elsevier

In today’s world, nurses are being increasingly asked to respond to healthcare events for which they have had little preparation and this book seeks to address that need.

Colour coded and spiral bound for rapid reference, this comprehensive text provides nurses working in a variety of settings with the essential information they need during a large-scale casualty event.

Ready RN covers everything from the healthcare implications of natural disasters and public health emergencies to human-caused disasters plus in depth advice on clinical management in these situations.


Ready RN inside spread


The quick facts and clinical decision-making support that the handbook provides aims to enable nurses to respond appropriately to any type of emergency. It can also be used as a teaching aid to help nurses and student nurses better understand disaster nursing and prepare for emergencies.

Books like this are especially useful for nurses working in places where resources, training or preparation are limited and particularly relevant to countries that are at risk of outbreaks of contagious diseases and natural disasters such as those recovering from the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai in southern Africa recently.