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“This is the beginning”

Stephanie is the president of the Rafiki Youth Club, located in a crowded urban district in Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali.


Stephanie and Pacifique
Stephanie with Pacifique from the Kigali Public Library


As well as housing a library, the youth centre also offers activities such as music, dance, sport and practical skills training well as computer access.

In this short film Stephanie tells us how the brand new books she recently received for the library will help young people in Kigali thrive:

Thanks to our generous donors, we sent 30,000 books to Rwanda in 2017. In 2018, we hope to send even more books to people who would otherwise have few books, or even no books at all.

Every £2 you give could send another book to a library like Stephanie’s.

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If you have any questions – or would prefer to donate offline – please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing info@bookaid.org or calling 020 7733 3577.