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Children's Corner a MYSA Library

February Book of the Month

Our Book of the Month for February is:

The Owl Service cover
The Owl Service by Alan Garner, this edition donated by Folio Society

Set in Wales, Alan Garner’s fantasy novel for young adults follows three children; Alison, Roger and Huw. They discover a set of mysterious owl-and-flower patterned dinner plates in the attic and bring to life once again the ancient legend of the Mabinogion.


The Owl Service inside illustration
This special Folio edition comes with haunting illustrations by Darren Hopes


We believe that reading for pleasure is immensely valuable and not just as a means to encourage a reading ‘habit’ or improve a child or adult’s literacy. It is also an end in itself, providing a welcome diversion from everyday life and an escape from reality. That’s why, in addition to thousands of books that support education and lifelong learning, we also send many fiction and leisure reading titles for children and adult library users to enjoy.

Alan Garner’s The Owl Service is a perfect example of such a book. This thrilling adventure will not only captivate a reader but stretch their imagination too.

We send fiction and leisure reading books to all of our partners for their readers to enjoy. They tell us the ‘escape’ a book like this can provide is incredibly valuable, especially in challenging circumstances like refugee camps:

Reading became a space for them, away from the stress of the camps, where they could be excited in productive and enriching ways.

–Jamie, A Drop in the Ocean, Souda Refugee Camp, Greece.

And they also inspire hope:

The storybooks also have words of encouragement because most of the books talk about students who faced challenges and were successful in the end. They give us motivation.

– Amia, 17, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.

We hope that sending books like this will enthral readers and lead to a love for books whatever their circumstances.