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Medical books

The books helping to improve patient care

For medical staff to deliver quality healthcare it is essential they have access to accurate, up-to-date information. Yet many of the hospitals they work in lack the funding to supply the books they need. As a result, many practitioners work with out-of-date texts and limited collections.

We are working to change this. In 2016 alone, we sent over 47,000 brand new medical books to our partners, including Menelik II Referral Hospital in Ethiopia.

Our Book Provision Manager Stevie paid them a visit:


Menelik II Hospital


The Menelik II Referral Hospital library supports over 300 staff. Book Aid International has supported this library since 2015 and the books it houses are nearly all provided by us.


Menelik II Hospital library


The hospital has no internet connection or access to online resources and so the library is vital to fill this knowledge gap.

The library is in constant use. Many of the hospital’s doctors make use of the library before and after rounds to check for the most up to date information on a particular condition.


Dr Adem


I spoke to the hospital’s Medical Director, Dr Kassahun Adem, to understand how the library helps him to treat his patients:

New treatment models, investigation methods and technologies are arriving all the time so there is a constant need to update my knowledge. For example, I heard of a recent new diagnostic and teaching method for bronchial asthma and I used books in the library to learn more about it. Any area of medicine needs up-to-date knowledge. These books are everything.


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