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Samatha’s story

Since 2018, a complex humanitarian crisis in Cameroon has impacted the lives of 3.3 million people. We’ve been working with local NGOs to help reach some of the thousands of displaced children in villages who have no access to reading or learning materials. 

One child these books have reached is 11 year old Samatha*, whose life was changed forever by conflict in her village. This is her story. 

“My name is Samantha. I am 11 years old and I now live with my uncle. We ran into the bush three years ago when the military people came to our village and started fighting. We stayed there for six months, my mother died and later my father died. 

One day a young man came in, he said he was sent by the Bishop to rescue those of us who were still alive. They brought us back and on Sunday they announced our names in the different churches and that is how I got reconnected to my uncle.

I have not gone to school for two years now but the Reverend father came to us in the church hall and they teach us many things and twice every week we play games and cook food. 

I love singing because It helps me to feel happy after losing my parents. 

When I grow up I want to be a lawyer so that I can make peace between those fighting war, settle problems amongst and between families and nations.

Children gather around a Discovery Book Box to read


I do not have books at home but I can read books in the Discovery Book Boxes twice every week.


My favourite subject is history, we learn English, maths, food nutrition and other subjects! When I go to the centre I copy things from the books to learn at home. I pray that they send some more books so that many other children in the bushes can read.  I want to thank Book Aid International for all the books, now we can read and write again.”

With thanks to RELX Group, whose ongoing support has enabled us to reach displaced children and young people in Cameroon with brand new, up to date books.

*name changed