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Reverse Book Tokem

A different way to give the gift of reading

Our Reverse Book Tokens are a popular gift for book-loving friends and family.

It’s a token with a difference – you buy a token in your loved one’s name and we send books to readers overseas!

Joy recently bought a Reverse Book Token for her friend Monica’s birthday. Here they tell us why they think they make such a good present:

Reverse Book Token
Every £2 sends another brand new book!

Joy, why did you purchase a Reverse Book Token for a friend?

Reverse Book Tokens are the perfect present – especially for those who love reading! My friend specifically said ‘no presents’ – usually I buy her books, but I thought she wouldn’t object to this as it’s a valuable thing for somebody else.

How does it make you feel to know that your purchase is helping to send brand new books to people that might otherwise struggle to access them?

It makes me very happy because I remember when I was working as a librarian, there was an initiative to send outdated editions overseas. That always grieved me because I think people should get the latest editions – especially when it comes to medical books.

Reverse Book Token insides
We complete the total number of books that your donation will send and let you personalise the Token with a message

Do you think books have the power to change lives?

They can open up a whole new world of experience outside your own. Somehow, you’re never lonely with a book. If you have the right book, you can be totally absorbed in it and it can be a great companion. So I like it when I see you send books to refugees and to rural schools, where access to literature is exciting and new. It’s good to see that new libraries are opening up in other parts of the world.

I’ve valued books all my life so I want to share my love of books with as many people as I can!

We also asked Monica about the gift she received from Joy:

I was really delighted to be able to share a very special birthday with Book Aid International and for books to be made available for people to read for pleasure or learning through this gift. Reading opens up new worlds.


How it works

  • Choose the value of your gift as a multiple of £2. Every £2, sends another book!
  • Place your order here or call 020 7733 3577.
  • We’ll send you your A6 Reverse Book Token, personalised with the number of books the token could allow us to send overseas. An envelope is also included so you can send it on as a complete gift.
  • You can personalise the token yourself with a short message.
  • Books are sent where they are needed the most!