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January Book of the Month

Our first Book of the Month for 2017 is a delightful children’s picture book by Richard Byrne:

We're in the Wrong Book!
We’re in the Wrong Book! by Richard Byrne


The book starts as a book about Ben and Bella jumping along a pavement. Then Bella’s dog joins in and “accidentally bumps them both off the page”. They find themselves in a completely different story and Ben and Bella have to find their way back to their own book through the pages of others.


We're in the Wrong Book! insides


Along the way they encounter counting books and comic books and meet a librarian who isn’t very good at her job. When they describe their book as having “tall buildings and an enormous dog”, she sends them to the history section and into a book about ancient Egyptian pyramids.


We're in the Wrong Book! insides


Eventually, via puzzle books, fairytales and a book of instructions that teaches them how to make a paper boat, they float and fly into a tunnel that leads them back to the pavement on the pages of their own book.


We're in the Wrong Book! insides


This funny story is a great way to introduce children to the different types of books they can find in a library. In addition, its subversion of the usual rules of how a book ‘works’ is a wonderful way to spark children’s imaginations, especially when it comes to their own storytelling.

We’re in the Wrong Book! is being sent to our partner Sierra Leone Library Board to use as a school prize as part of their International Literacy Day celebrations. We hope the winners enjoy this book and it gives readers the desire to explore their school libraries further – and come up with some equally imaginative stories of their own!