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July Book of the Month

Our Book of the Month for July is:


Colouring book
The Nurse’s Anatomy & Physiology Colouring Book donated by SAGE

What a great way to make learning fun! Developed for trainee nurses by Ulster University’s School of Nursing, this book provides students with an alternative way to go over their notes through colouring.

Heart diagram
Each section includes anatomy to colour and label


The book covers everything from key systems like the digestive system to the anatomy of cells and the stages of wound healing.

Each section opens with a simple introduction followed by organ diagrams for students to colour according to a code. For example in a diagram of the heart and its location in the body, the colouring notes ask the reader to colour the heart pink and the lungs purple.  Students are also asked to identify and label organ parts to further test their knowledge.


Osmosis diagram
The book covers all key areas of nursing


This is an innovative way for both practising and trainees nurses to keep their knowledge up to date and will be especially useful for visual learners. The wealth of clear and simple diagrams that this book contains makes it an incredibly useful reference tool. It will be very popular with tutors and students alike at the hospitals, universities and healthcare training colleges we support such as the Gulu Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda and the Malawi College of Medicine.