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November Book of the Month

Our November Book of the Month is:

Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students
Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students by Gail Horowitz

Knowing how to study at higher education level doesn’t come naturally – it’s something you have to learn. But those who have been poorly prepared in high school or who are the first in their families to attend education beyond secondary school, can lack these important skills.

Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students is therefore written to help people working in higher education induct these students into their new learning environment, especially into science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects – enabling them to not just get by but excel.

Looking at topics such as study skills training, self-regulated learning and mentoring students, this guide is packed with quick and easy steps which STEM faculty staff can take to support students.

In addition, the book offers helpful insights into the challenges that students may face, giving staff greater understanding so they can better encourage and support their students.

This book will be invaluable for many further and higher education teachers across Africa. STEM is growing in popularity throughout the continent but many students will be the first in their family (or village) to attend university. This handbook will therefore be a welcome tool to help faculty staff not only make STEM subjects more accessible but enable their students to take charge of their learning with improved study skills.

Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students will be a particularly useful resource for universities in countries where schools are rapidly being built, more children are completing secondary education and higher education is reaching new communities such as Zanzibar, the Malawi and Rwanda. Copies will soon be on their way.