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Polar Bear and Robins reading Christmas cards

Behind the cards

If you’re a book lover, chances are you’ll have heard of (and maybe even read) Philip Pullman’s Book of Dust series.

The books themselves are hard to miss with their iconic woodcut covers by renound illustrator Chris Wormell.


Book of Dust vol 1 and 2


We’re delighted that Chris has created two unique Christmas cards to support our work. The first, designed in 2018 depicts a polar bear happily immersed in a brand new book whilst sat in the winter snow.


Polar bear reading


The second, launched this September, shows a family of robins reading together as they huddle on a tree branch.


Robins Reading


Chris told us a bit more about the cards:

Where did you get your inspiration for the cards from?

“The inspiration was simple. I’m just much happier drawing animals than anything else. A polar bear and a robin with baby robins seemed natural choices for a Christmas card.”

How did you create these stunning illustrations?

“The process was part lino cut and part digital. Lino prints are made by cutting and printing several blocks on a single print, building up the different colours. By scanning each colour separately then putting them together in Photoshop, one is able to adjust colours much more easily – rather than having to reprint the blocks again.”

How does it feel to know that your beautiful cards are enabling us to send many more books to readers across the world that really need them?

“I think it’s amazing that a simple little Christmas card can make such a difference. It’s wonderful and a privilege to be able to help others to access books.”

Chris’ exclusive cards are available to buy here on our website and are also stocked in selected London branches of Daunt Books, Persephone Books, Burgh House Hampstead and Tales on Moon Lane Children’s Bookshop.

Every pack of 10 cards sold will send a new book to someone who needs it most, from children affected by conflict in Syria, to under-resourced midwives in Sierra Leone and vulnerable street children in Ghana.