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September Book of the Month

Our latest Book of the Month is:

How to Think Like a Coder
How to Think Like a Coder by Jim Christian

An understanding of coding is fast becoming an essential skill for the world of work and is increasingly included on school curriculums. How to think like a coder is the perfect introduction.

This book is written for the absolute coding beginner, whether a child or an adult. What makes it particularly accessible is that you don’t even need to use a computer to use this guide.

How to Think Like a Coder insides

The book goes right back to coding basics, teaching key concepts such as loops, data types, pseudocode and calculations.

It purposefully focuses on the foundations of coding in order to equip the reader with a tool kit of coding knowledge which they will be able to apply to whatever technology or advancement they find themselves working on in the future.

Simple language, colourful illustrations and examples from everyday life make this book incredibly accessible and will be useful for children and teachers alike. It also demystifies coding by demonstrating how it can be applied to normal life.

How to Think Like a Coder insides

The fun exercises it includes can easily be done at home, in the library or the classroom without the need for a computer. As a result this book will be an invaluable resource for community libraries and schools that do not have ICT facilities (or even electricity) but which want to give young readers and learners the opportunity to keep up with their counterparts across the world.

Copies of this book will be distributed to many of our partners with community library networks including the Uganda Community Library Association’s libraries.