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July Book of the Month

Our July Book of the month is:


Applied Physics donated by Pearson
Applied Physics 10th edition published and donated by Pearson


Books in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are by far the most popular of the higher education texts requested by our partners (apart from medicine). Rapidly developing countries such as Ethiopia and those recovering from conflict or other crises such as Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Somalia need up to date resources to train their engineers and scientists as they build their countries’ infrastructure.

In many of these countries, few higher education institutions are able to offer access to e-books or online resources. Students therefore often rely solely on printed resources yet the cost of academic books is often too high for institutions’ book-purchase budgets or individuals to afford, so students often have to make do with old and out-of-date books.


Applied Physics insides
Applied Physics covers a range of real-world applications of physics


The digital revolution means that academic publishers are doing smaller print runs as their books are also available as e-books. As a result, publishers have fewer spare copies of these essential textbooks to donate to us. We are therefore extremely grateful for a recent donation of a variety of higher education textbooks from Pearson.


Applied Physics insides
The book also includes sample activities to try so students can experience physics concepts


This new edition of Applied Physics is one of them and is exactly the kind of textbook our partners tell us their readers find so useful. It covers a wide range of real-world applications of physics to industrial and technical fields and includes illustrated examples to support student understanding, review questions and activities to try, putting concepts they are learning into practice.

Copies of this and the other textbooks donated by Pearson will be soon be sent to institutions such as the University of Rwanda, Sumait University and the State University in Zanzibar, as well as universities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories where they will provide a welcome boost to students’ educations.