What we do

We provide new books around the world and work with our partners to create reading spaces, train teachers and librarians and spark a love of reading.

Enriching education

We provide brand new books to over 1,000 school libraries every year and support teachers to bring those books to life.

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Supporting libraries

Libraries are magical. They introduce new ideas and open up new worlds. For millions of people, they are the only way to get hold of books to read.

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Training teachers and librarians

All over the world, we’re privileged to work with brilliant teachers, librarians and volunteers who are determined to share the power of reading.

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Advocating for books

We take every opportunity to raise awareness of the pressing global need for books and to make the case for access to books for everyone, everywhere.

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Reaching refugees

When you’ve been forced to flee your home, books can help you believe that a better world is still possible – so we provide thousands of brand new books to refugees every year.

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Providing health information

By providing up-to-date medical book we help current and future health professionals offer the best possible level of care.

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Responding when books are lost

When books are destroyed during conflicts or disasters, the potential they create is lost too – so we provide replacements across the globe to restore the power of books. 

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How we send books

We work with 185 partners around the world to provide carefully selected, brand-new books that suit local communities’ needs.