Books for better health

Access to up to date information is absolutely crucial to delivering medical care and health education, yet too many students and professionals cannot afford the medical books they need.

The medical books we send reach healthcare workers around the world.

Many universities and medical schools lack the funds for online or print resources and students often cannot afford to purchase the books they need. Students rely on libraries for all their information but these can often contain textbooks that are out of date. Up to date medical books are vital for training the next generation of health care professionals and for providing high-quality medical care for all.  

Supporting better health and medical care through books

To help meet this need we provide all types of brand new medical books to universities, colleges, hospitals and clinics around the world. Academic medical textbooks reach doctors, nurses, therapists and consultants in hospital libraries as well as students in universities and medical schools.  

Books on community care are used by midwives and other health practitioners in remote and rural community libraries; vocational textbooks in health care and social work help to train the carers of the future, and books on psychology and counselling skills reach trainee teachers and readers among prison staff. The images below show some of the titles that reach these communities. 

The medical books we send are so important, particularly where healthcare professionals are isolated and unable to travel: 

“Our doctors can’t go out so these books keep them updated like other doctors in the world.” 

– Mahmoud, Gaza Health Sciences Library 

Take a look at our recent blogs to read more about how the books you help to send are being used to enhance healthcare across the world.

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