Reaching schools in Syria

As Syria’s devastating civil war enters its eighth year, the education of an entire generation is at risk.

International NGO Syria Relief is working to keep Syrian children in school and in 2018 we provided them with 16,000 Arabic readers to support pupils’ learning. These books are a life-line for young readers, many of whom have known nothing but war.

Syria is a beautiful country with very peaceful people and then bad people came and there was war. I enjoy going to school. My favourite subject is science. I am very excited to receive some new science books!

–Omar, aged 12, Syria

We also sent over 9,000 higher education texts to Idlib University, giving students access to vital information. You can view a short film of what these books mean to people in Syria below:

Reaching children in Cameroon

Thousands of children have lost their homes since 2017 in Cameroon’s escalating violence. In 2018 we worked with our long-standing partner to provide a total of 5,000 books in damp proof, lockable boxes – called Pioneer Book Boxes – to children who have lost their homes and schools and are sheltering in the forests.

These books often children who are facing hardship the opportunity to read, learn and escape into a story.

I will not be able to go back to my village and school which have been burnt down. The forest is now my home though there are no schools and books here. I still have hopes to go to school and read books again. 

– Displaced child, Cameroon

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In 2015, IS fighters destroyed the University of Mosul library, burning over one million books.

The Mosul Book Bridge campaign was founded by lecturer Alaa Hamdon when he returned to the city and saw the damage. It has one goal: to restore the library. In 2018 we sent 3,791 brand new, higher education texts to the library, helping them begin the process of restoring what IS destroyed and supporting students returning to their university, and we are committed to sending a total of 50,000 books by 2024.

When I returned to Mosul in end of 2017, I was shocked from the severe damage. It can’t be described. Reconstruction is not only in infrastructure, but also the culture and the human need to be reconstructed. Those books are very valuable and will make a big difference.

–Dr. Alaa Hamdon, Mosul Book Bridge Founder and Univerity of Mosul lecturer

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