​​Books to Go

Books to Go sets up lending libraries in schools so children can dream big and families can read together. 

Without books at home, learning suffers 

Few families in the communities where we work have books at home, and school libraries are rare. 

Without books, children struggle to learn to read and become confident readers – and families aren’t able to experience the joy of reading together. 

But through Books to Go children can read more at school and take books home to their families when the school day is done.

The power of Books to Go

Books to Go establishes lending libraries based in primary schools which both enrich classroom learning and support families to read at home.

Each school receives 2,000 brand new books, secure book storage and 200 book bags so children can take books home to read.  

We also provide training to staff, so they feel confident encouraging and supporting families to read with children outside school. And we give a grant to buy locally-published books, ensuring children’s ambitions can be sparked by books that reflect their own experiences.



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Benefitting whole families

In the communities where we work, parents all too often haven’t had the chance to finish their educations, so they struggle to support children as they read. Books to Go supports both children and their parents by getting books into homes, and supporting parents to get involved in reading:

My children came home and told me they have a library in the school. I came to the school to confirm whether it was true, and when I did, I was able to borrow three books. I dropped out in class eight, so reading right now is my only hope to ensure that I gain knowledge and also motivate my children to read.

Simon Kimutai, a parent of children at Wewo Primary School, Kenya
Children in Sierra Leone reading at home thanks to Books to Go

What Books to Go delivers

  • A carefully selected book collection in schools, including UK donated and locally purchased books
  • Training that helps teachers inspire families to read at home and bring their lessons to life in the classroom
  • The opportunity to borrow books, even when classrooms are closed

Fund this project

It costs £6,700 to create a new Books to Go library.

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Our mission and vision

Our vision is a world where everyone has access to books that will enrich, improve and change their lives.

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Our finances

At Book Aid International all the income we receive is from voluntary donations – we receive no government grants.

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