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By providing up-to-date medical book we help current and future health professionals offer the best possible level of care.

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Without the latest books, medics miss out 

Across the globe, huge numbers of medical students and qualified healthcare staff are held back because they can’t access recently published books.

Many medical schools lack the funding to keep investing in the latest titles. Students can’t afford to buy their own copies and online information is impossible to access because of patchy internet and unreliable electricity. 

The only way to access reliable information is in the latest medical books. Without these, students’ and professionals’ knowledge is limited and patients can’t benefit from the latest medical research.

That’s why we’re determined to give both students and practising professionals the books they need.

Books for students and healthcare providers 

Every year, we provide thousands of books to make sure students, doctors, nurses, therapists, consultants, midwives and more can access the insights they need to keep learning and developing their skills.

The books we send worldwide range from anatomy texts for students to practical guides for medical staff in remote locations.

With the books we provide, healthcare providers can do so much more to help create a more equal future. Whole communities are transformed when quality healthcare is available – and quality healthcare depends on doctors having the latest insights at their fingertips.



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Why health information matters

The medical texts we offer empower educators and professionals to provide outstanding care. Here are a few of their stories.

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