Bringing books back to Mosul

Since 2018, we’ve provided thousands of books to the University of Mosul Library, which was deliberately destroyed by Islamic State

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A direct attack on learning and free thought

When Islamic State militants attacked Mosul in Iraq in 2014, one of their first acts was to burn down  the University of Mosul library. UNESCO called it: “one of the most devastating acts of destruction of library collections in human history”.

Many priceless books were lost, the library building was left in ruins and tens of thousands of students were unable to access the academic books they needed for their studies.

Restoring the lost collection

But, since 2018, we’ve stood side-by-side with the University of Mosul, providing brand new, carefully selected higher education texts to restore the library’s lost collection.

By providing higher education books spanning the sciences, engineering, the humanities and medicine, we are helping students find both knowledge and inspiration.

It is a small part to play in the overall restoration, but we are proud of our contribution to helping students in Mosul thrive as the city around them rebuilds.


Impact since 2018


Higher education books sent

Help send 50,000 books

We aim to send 50,000 books to Mosul – but we need your help. It costs just £2 to send the next book.

A lighthouse of knowledge

Book Aid International first began supporting the library after being approached by Mosul University Professor and founder of the Mosul Book Bridge project Dr. Alaa Hamdon. He told us what the donation means to him:

Libraries are light houses of knowledge  – providing a beacon for those who value learning. ISIS extinguished that light for a time, but now our lighthouse is once again burning bright. Libraries can only thrive when they are full of inspiring, wonderful books – and I join in the University community in thanking Book Aid International for their support.

Dr Alaa Hamdon, University of Mosul
Books arriving in Mosul in 2018

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Our mission and vision

Our vision is a world where everyone has access to books that will enrich, improve and change their lives.

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Our finances

At Book Aid International all the income we receive is from voluntary donations – we receive no government grants.

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