Imagine trying to learn to read with only a photocopied textbook. For millions of children worldwide, this is the reality.

Without books, they will find it more difficult to learn to read, succeed in school and reach their full potential. The Discovery Book Box supports children around the world who cannot access books in their classrooms, offering the opportunity to read and learn wherever they are.

Each sturdy, lockable box contains around 200 brand new books to support learning and reading for pleasure and a teachers’ manual to help teachers put their new books to use with young readers.

A book box soon to be shipped
A Dscovery Book Box soon to be shipped

The boxes can be used in classrooms, refugee camps, community centres or any other location where children are hungry to read.

Where we have sent Discovery Book Boxes

So far, we have provided Discovery Book Boxes in response to crises across Africa and to schools in dire need. This has included:

– 30 boxes to support Cameroonian children currently sheltering from ongoing violence in the country

– 91 boxes to Zimbabwe where schools are recovering from historic flooding following Cyclone Idai

– 35 boxes to support some of Kenya’s most poorly resourced schools.

Children greet their new Pioneer Book Box with excitement in Kenya
Children greet their new Pioneer Book Box with excitement in Kenya

Help send the next Discovery Book Box

We have plans to reach out to more children around the world, offering them Discovery Book Boxes full of brand new, beautiful books chosen to meet their needs, but we need your support. Every Discovery Book Box costs £500 and you can help fund the next box.

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