Primary school enrolment is rising fast, but the resources available in schools have not kept pace. Few schools have the library learners need.

Without access to books in their classrooms, children are less able to learn to read and succeed in education. That lack of basic literacy skills follows children throughout their lives. Even where libraries do exist, they are often in a dire state and lack the books children need to inspire them to read and learn.

A typical classroom in Liberia
A typical classroom in Liberia which needs books

Creating vibrant school libraries

The Explorer Library provides everything a primary school needs to create a beautiful, welcoming library space dedicated to reading and learning.

Each school receives at least 2,000 books, a refurbishment grant to transform an empty space into a welcoming, child-friendly library, and teacher training to ensure schools can manage their new libraries and support pupils.

The first explorer library in action
The first explorer library in action

Our first ever Explorer Library was opened in The Gambia in 2018, and the next library will open in Liberia in 2019. To stay up to date with the project’s progress, subscribe to our email newsletter.

Be a part of the next Explorer Library

There are thousands of schools around the world where an empty room could become an Explorer Library and offer children the chance to read, learn and build a brighter future.