In rural northern Ghana, only 48% of people are literate, and in classrooms children all too often have only a tattered textbook which they must share with the rest of their class.

AfriKids is working to improve primary school education in the region through their Opening Doors to Schools programme, and in 2018 we provided over 16,000 brand new, carefully selected books to support this life-changing work.

Following the book donation, a need emerged to provide training for teachers in how these new books could help improve and support classroom learning.

In response, we organised four workshops in the districts of Builsa South, Builsa North, Bongo and Nabdam in rural Ghana. 80 teachers with responsibility for the library and education officers from each district took part in the workshops.

Together, we covered library management skills, how to teach children how to handle books, how to run a story time, using books to teach comprehension, using books to teach grammar, using books to enhance the curriculum, child safeguarding and how to promote reading across the school.

Feedback from the sessions was hugely positive, and we look forward to seeing how empowered teachers are able to improve reading over the months and years to come.

Afrikids and Book Aid International are both supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, and our joint work is only possible through players’ generosity. We jointly thank players for their support.

Teachers in Ghana thank players for their inspiring support!

Photo credit header image: AfriKids Ghana


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