In Uganda, few schools have libraries and around 20% of the population is functionally illiterate. Poverty also remains stubbornly high, particularly in rural regions.

Education is vital to ensuring that the next generation can build a brighter, more prosperous future, and that is why we are partnering with the Africa Educational Trust to improve literacy in 10 primary schools in Eastern Uganda through the Shared Reading project.

A typical scene in rural Uganda

About Shared Reading

The shared reading technique involves pairing stronger readers with weaker readers. Together, the students read selected books every week basis, improving one and other’s reading fluency and comprehension.

The Shared Reading project aims to equip teachers and teacher-librarians in all participating schools with the skills and resources they need to implement this technique in their schools.

In every school, we will provide 650 brand new, UK donated books  as well as an additional collection of between 65 and 75 locally purchased books, a specially developed guide on how to run Shared Reading and a three day training course to train teachers in how to implement Shared Reading in their schools.

Shared Reading so far

In February 2019, the Shared Reading project kicked off in Mbale, Uganda, with a training for 32 teachers and teacher librarians from participating schools.  All enjoyed the training and report feeling confident about using the technique in their own schools.

In the coming months, the African Education Trust will monitor test and reading scores in the school, and we look forward to reporting on the changes that Shared Reading has on the reading of children in all ten schools.  

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