Reading puts me back together when I’m weak, when I’m fearful.  

Catherine, student, Malawi
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“Reading puts me back together”

Catherine believes it’s thanks to books that she is able to read, learn and succeed. Thanks to our supporters, we’re able to get more books into schools like Catherine’s. Read on to hear her story.

I am Catherine Bulugama.  I am sixteen years old and I’m the firstborn in a family of four. I’m in form four at Summer Secondary School and I happen to be the head girl of the campus. 

When I go into further studies I would like to major in medicine. After my stay here at school, I want to be a part-time teacher. I want to be teaching primary school students how they can excel and be like where I am today.

 I feel I’m OK with exams and I’m ready to sit for them, though there are some feelings here and there! But right now I’m not stressing… no fear no stress and it will give me success.

Catherine and fellow science students

Luckily enough I had books when I was growing up. I used to read the books with my parents.  They were there to teach me because I’m the firstborn, they only had to make time for me so I could read every day after school. They used to help with my assignments too.

Their help meant that I had an increased vocabulary and it also improved my grammar.  My writing has improved because I used to read a lot, and my grammar, both my writing and speaking, I think is because of that. 

Now I still read a lot, my favourite book at the moment is A Leap of Faith

Reading puts me back together when I’m weak, when I’m fearful.  

I learn a lot of lessons from books. For example, one of my favourite authors writes books that I feel are very encouraging on how to handle academic issues and how to improve your spiritual life, so they teach me how I can control myself and how to excel in life.

 I visit the library to get more information. When I’m given assignments and when I’m preparing for my exams and when I’m studying, just to boost up. 

If I never had access to books I wouldn’t have been able to talk to you right now!

My grammar could have been poor and I wouldn’t have much vocabulary, so it’s all thanks to books.

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