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Together, we can use the power of books to help 10 million children and young people in Africa unlock their potential.

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By 2030, over a third of the world’s young people will be in Africa. Millions of them will have no books at all.

That’s an estimated 733 million children and young people who could become future doctors, teachers, business leaders, writers and more.

But, for millions of children and young people in Africa there is a real risk they will not realise their potential and be able to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty, because they lack access to books and quality education.

Together, we can get them the books they need.

Through Generation Reader we will work with our partners to scale up our vital work, creating access to books in even more schools, more public and community libraries and more universities across sub-Saharan Africa.

We must act now to have an impact on the next generation of young people in Africa.

We are at the most critical juncture for Africa’s children. Get it right, and we set the foundation for a demographic dividend, which could lift hundreds of millions out of extreme poverty, and contribute to enhanced prosperity, stability, and peace.

Leila Pakkala, UNICEF’s Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa UNICEF Generation 2030 Africa 2.0 Report

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Trusts and Corporates Manager
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We must act now to equip ambitious young people in Africa with the books they need.

How we’ll reach 10 million young people

1.5 million

books provided to existing schools and libraries


new reading spaces created


Teachers and librarians trained to support readers

How you can help

We need to raise £4 million by 2030 to create a generation of readers.

Your donation today could make all the difference.

To start a conversation about your involvement contact Clair, our Trusts and Corporates Manager:

Book Aid International
Clair Bradley020 7326 5804

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Our vision is a world where everyone has access to books that will enrich, improve and change their lives.

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At Book Aid International all the income we receive is from voluntary donations – we receive no government grants.

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