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We provide training that helps teachers, librarians and volunteers gain the skills and confidence they need to share the power of books with people in their own communities.

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Without training, the power of books stays hidden

Many teachers have never had books in their classrooms, and many library staff haven’t been given the specialist training they need to encourage children to read and use books as they study.

It means many teachers and librarians don’t know how to welcome people into the world of reading. 

So whenever we create or refurbish a library, we also include training for teachers and library staff in how they can manage their new book collection and welcome people into a world of reading.

Training librarians to develop new skills

Our training helps library staff build the skills and confidence to support readers and promote books in their communities. Each training course is tailored to suit participants skills and experience – with experienced librarians learning different skills than library volunteers.

Our training always aims to help librarians inspire young readers. It means that whenever a child walks into a Children’s Corner or a Community Container Library, they are greeted by someone who knows how to pass on a love of reading that could last a lifetime.

Training teachers to enrich their classrooms

Our training in schools helps teachers build valuable new skills and learn ways to help students become more confident, curious readers. We focus on providing training in the most poorly resourced schools, and schools which serve refugees.

The training we provide covers everything from organising books in an inviting way to including reading in school timetables and using books to plan and improve lessons. We link schools with local libraries too wherever possible so that teachers can benefit from local librarians’ specialist skills and extensive book collections.

Training contributes to:


Quality education

SDG 10

Reduced inequality

Our impact


Librarians and teachers trained since 2017


Local trainers upskilled last year

Why training matters

Confident teachers and librarians can do so much to help more people discover the power of books. Here are just a few stories which show the impact they can have.

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A lifetime of reading

For Puleni, books have been a life-long companion. He shared with us the impact that reading has had on his life and his hopes for younger readers in Malawi.

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Emilina’s story

Lighting up education

Emilina is a mother of five from rural Malawi. Here she tells us how access to a combined book and solar lamp library has been helping her son in his studies.

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Ridwan’s story

Sharing knowledge

For Ridwan, having access to brand-new books is making a huge difference to her and the medical students she teaches. This is her story.

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