Send books and make space for reading

Your gift will provide the books that create welcoming places where reading can flourish.

For children living in the world’s toughest communities, it’s nearly impossible to find books and a space for reading.

In Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, thousands of children live in crowded communities where houses are made from a few sheets of tin. Their families survive on less than $2 a day, and buying books simply isn’t possible. Even if money could be found, there’s nowhere to read.

But your gift could change everything.

With your help, our partners will be able to open the warm and welcoming reading spaces children need.

Books give learning the chance to take flight, inspire hope and ignite imaginations. They transform derelict spaces into havens for learning. That’s why our partners are determined to give young people a place to read.

Yvonne and Michael are husband and wife. They founded the WE-CARE library 30 years ago during the worst of the Liberian civil war because they knew that for Liberia to rise again, reading would be vital. Today, their library is a life-line for children in one of Liberia’s poorest neighbourhoods.

Our library is close to slum communities. You have people living in shacks. They are petty traders, selling on the sidewalk. While their parents are selling, children come and utilise our children’s reading room space.

Yvonne, Monrovia, Liberia

Give Yvonne the books she needs

Every donation enables us to send more brand-new books.

Books make the space – and we need you to send the books

Your donation will send the brand-new books needed to transform empty classrooms and shipping containers into warm and welcoming places for children to read and to ensure that libraries flourish in the toughest communities. 

But demand is growing, and we need your help to send more books.

Currently, we have this shortage of books in our schools, in our homes. Sometimes we find children are reading materials from the 1960s. We need books that are relevant and current so we don’t fall far behind the rest of the world when we’re reading.

Yvonne, Monrovia, Liberia

Send the next book

Every £2 you give sends a brand-new book.

With thanks to KNLS, StreetChild and WE-CARE.